Rahima Moosa Renovations: Wards, Counselng Rooms, Clinics, Out-Patient Department

Refurbished paediatric wards will make Rahima Moosa Mother & Child Hospital a place where people feel welcome, comfortable and hopeful. Renovations will make the space conducive to breastfeeding and will encourage parents to stay with their babies as much as possible.The present wards are overcrowded, noisy, cluttered, ugly and unfriendly. Envisioned changes include a kitchen and rest area for parents, a counseling room and specialist clinics, fresh paint and new curtains in the present nursery and ICU, inviting bedside furniture, and a more hospitable out-patient department.

These renovations are projected to total R 346,000. Corporate or community group seeking hands-on involvement are welcome to contact us for further information on this priority.